The Norelco T7500 - The Best Trimmer on the Market Today!

Published: 01st December 2006
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In this article i wanted to share with you the amazing Norelco T7500 trimmer i have recently discovered making my life a pleasure when it comes to the daily trimming and shaving all us men have to go through on a daily basis.

The Norelco T7500

In my experience the Norelco T7500 is one of the very best trimmers on the market today, what makes the Norelco T7500 so special? I will give you here now my experience of this great trimmer for you, and let you make up your own mind.

Firstly the Norelco T7500 is made by the leading brand name in shavers and trimmers- Philips. The Norelco range from Philips is world class and is backed by a full, two year manufacturers warranty which is very handy when it comes to shavers / trimmers as these have a tendency to develop faults after many months.

This modern trimmer has a great design function installed which feactures a dial allowing distance on the guard of the cutter to be altered manually allowing you to get a perfect trim to your personal requirements preventing mistakes which can be very embarrasing.

The Norelco T7500 also feactures a setting function on the cutter blades which can handle the reoccuring six o'clock shadow most men develop at the end of the day to even finer adjustment settings which can handle almost any length of stubble / beard growth.

Precise cutting has become childs play since i discovered the Norelco T7500 and never again a chore. This is down to the fact that this trimmer has individual settings ranging from 1.5mm to an amazing 18mm beard and hair length which can handle alomost anything you through at it.

The Norelco T7500 also has a nifty LED window display on the body which displays the hair length its cutting at the time and also has a built in memory system which remembers the length of stubble / beard length last cut.

This trimmers also comes with additional fucntions such as a manually operated trimmer device designed for those awkward places such as edge trimming. This function i have found enables accuracy when used on moustaches, goatee beards and side burns.

The cutting blades on the Noreclo T7500 are made from high strength steel in the form of Chromium and has incorporated within cutting teeth which are rounded, i have found this cuts my hairs more efficiently especially around the contours of my face. This enables me to get a great close shave everytime and i would strongly recommend this to anyone.

The Norelco T7500 also comes mains operated or battery charged and from what i have found the charge lasts a very long time which always comes in handy. In my opinion the Norelco T7500 is a robust, sturdy electric trimmer with a modern sleek cutting edge design which would make a perfect gift for anyone.

For more information on the Noreclo range, visit our new website listed below or in the resource box connected with this article!

Noreclo T7500

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